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Business Development proposal Chapter structure (to be proceeded by a one page executive summary)

*The support slides that are referred to in the document are “The Business Development Proposal” – Case Study/Your Business guidance notes present.








Make your case - In this section you will need to show that there is a need for your business idea as well as introduce your business idea.



The business concept

As described in “The new business concept”.

Part I



As described in Section 3 of the support slides, you must answer the question “Do we have the ability to achieve our ambitions?” In order to achieve this aim, you will need to assess the feasibility of the 5 mentioned areas: product/service, industry, market, organisational and financial. All findings should be supported with the relevant references to either secondary or primary data.



Business Model

This section will be dedicated to the drawing up of a business model that will help you capture the essentials of your new business (as described in support slides page 12). Each element will be described and then a final summary canvas will be presented (as on support slides pg 14)

Part II


Business Plan

This section is dedicated to presenting your Business Plan (as described on pg 22 of the support slides). The structure of the Part II is described on page 25 and 31 of the support slides.




This section will contain all the documentation, data and references that you have used to build your business plan.





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