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SECTION 1: Rationale, aims and objectives
a. Research problem/research issues
b. Rationale/Background/Justification of research
c. Research aims and objectives

SECTION 2: Acknowledgement and understanding of relevant literature
a. Acknowledgement of relevant literatures
b. Application of relevant literatures to specific topic
c. Key theories/concepts identified and debated in context of research objectives

SECTION 3: Description of empirical research methodology
a. Justification of Methodology
b. Description of actual empirical research methodology and analysis framework with justification
SECTION 4: Empirical Findings/Analysis
a. Key areas presented in full with relevant analysis and cross-analysis
b. Coherence and logic applied to presentation of findings
c. Integration and links with between topics and theory

SECTION 5: Conclusions and Recommendations
a. Aims and objectives covered in detail
b. Clear conclusions which illustrate an outcome/answer to research question(s) and some refinement and tightening of relevant theories to topic

SECTION 6: Integration and Flow of Dissertation:
a. Flow and structure/ Presentation and style
b. Integration and co-ordination within and between sections
c. Progression of research topic/debate

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