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Money Refund Policy at Master Educational Services


Maximum Refund


"I Want to cancel consultancy"



Within 24 Hours of the consultancy and payment/advance payment

Upto 90% of the order value

We intend to give 100% refund for the order, however we incur cost for payment gateway and accounts when we return the money to you and as such 10% deduction. This is however valid for normal order with delivery of over 10 days. For urgent orders(Less than 7 days of completion time), no refund is possible after placing the order.

Within 2-3 Days from the date of confirmation and payment/advance payment

Upto 50% of the order value

Writer gets allocated the next day from the date of confirmation and as such the deduction of 50% amount is done. Further, this refund is subject to a genuine reason for cancellation of the order. In case of no reason provided, no refunds will be affected. For urgent orders like above there will be no refunds.

After 3 days from the date of confirmation

No Refunds

No refunds are possible at this stage for both normal and urgent orders

" I erroneously paid more"



Within the time frame of completion of the consultancy service.

Upto 100% of the order value

The amount in excess to our quotes as sent in a mail without any addition in scope will be refunded back 100% for both normal and urgent orders.

" No Consultant was found"

Upto 100% of the order value

We shall refund to a maximum of 100% of the amount paid to us for the order.


Upto 50% of the order value

The mail trail and quickness of response from your end will be evaluated. There is no guarantee of refund here however based on case to case and allocating reasonable time for the Consultant to complete the work.

" Rejection"


We are willing to rework till you are satisfied with the work. However, since this work is subjective and what looks Ok to one person may not look OK to other, no refunds are possible. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of work, we can revise the work till you are convinced of the work.

" I did not pass my coursework"


Our consultancy is intended to be used as reference  guide and not to be submitted 'as it is'. There is no refund applicable in this case.

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