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Journal Formatting and editing is an important. Phd assistance does complete journal formatting and editing according to the journal requirement.

We have an experience in handling all types of journals. Our expertise worked with different journals including Springer, Oxford, Elsevier, science direct and many more. Further, PhD assistance also provide certificate courses in editing and proof reading.

  • Formatting the complete manuscript including Tables and Figures according to the author's guidelines of the journal.
  • Margin and line spacing also take care during formatting process.
  • Figures, paragraphs and texts are arranged according to required guidelines.

If you would like to an avail journal editing service, please make sure to submit your journal's author guidelines. If you are also not aware of the best journal, you use our expertise to look for best journal.


Phd Assistance, professional academic editing services specifically for PhD. PhD research scholars who want to ensure clear wording, well flowing ideas, smooth language can avail our services.

  • If your first language is not English.
  • If you Want to eliminate awkward phrasing, jargon and wordiness in your thesis.


PhD assistance helps in following editing process

  • Clarity and precision .
  • Validating that the argument is logically presented.
  • Validating that all stated aims and issues are completed.
  • Gaps are queried or contraindications are highlighted .
  • Make sure that titles, tables, illustrations and headings corroborates with text content.
  • In compliance to natural English expressions, if it is not.
  • Enhancing flow in sentences and smoothing language.
  • As required condensing and reorganizing sentences and paragraphs.

In standard editing process, PhD assistance helps in the following

  • Punctuation, grammar and faulty spelling corrections.
  • Word usage correction.
  • Style of citations and references correction .
  • References, figures, cross referencing of table correction and ensure.
  • Lists, numbers, abbreviations and style of capitals consistency check.
  • Internal consistency such as scientific units, data and facts are checked for internal consistency .

PhD assistance does editing according to your requirement with unlimited revisions.


When the first language is not English, the reference work cited, that are an important part of the research is not in English, it provides room for errors, jargons, and irrelevant phrases with unsupportive meaning for the research work. At a PhD level, even researchers who are aware of the language concentrate in other parts of the document that opens into errors.

The standard editing process should involve addressing:

  • Grammar with proper punctuations and without spelling mistakes
  • Correct choice of words and technical terminology
  • Placements and Captions of tables, charts, figures, and reference tables and scientific units.
  • Abbreviations, list of numerical and the capitalization of relevant words.

Proof Reading is as important as editing to work coherently in improving the quality of the research work. Concise use of words in the text , proof read for grammar and spelling mistakes to turn out into well compiled research work reflect the refined work of the researcher.

At PhD Assistance , experts understand the value of your time and effort not to forget the importance error free document come together to improve the quality that can otherwise be compromised for precision and clarity, validation and presentation, uneven gaps and breaks, list of tables, figures and other diagrammatic representations, flow of sentences into the next and the associated meaning when is interrupted by irrelevant punctuations.

Springer, Oxford, Elsevier, Science direct and many more are where PhD Assistance expertise are made available to provide you with the best proof reading and error free journals.




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