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Refletion Report

Q1) How and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major project?

How would you describe these to:

1) A reader of your Major project and /or A future employer

Q2) What are the most important theories/literature sources/evidence sources which you are using to justify your research and Major Project?
Why are these sources important and fundamental to your work?

Q3) What key areas of knowledge have you gained from undertaking your research and the Major project? Indicate why these are so important to you?

Q4) what are the most important aspects/examples of learning and/or skills which you have gained from:
• Undertaking the MBA programme,
• Following through your research, and
• Applying your knowledge and what you have learnt in your major project

Q5) Critical thinking and your ideas

Q6) Barriers met What were the main difficulties and barriers which you were faced with in:
• Undertaking your research, and
• Completing your major project

Q7) Your professional development

Q8) Objectives Based on your research and the work which you have done in the MBA programme and its use in your major project, what were and how far have the objectives of your major project been achieved?

Q9) Findings & outcomes How useful and/or feasible are the findings, recommendations, conclusion, or outcomes of your Major Project to you and/or to a future employer?


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